Big city, bigger dreams, and the biggest office space boom in over a decade. That’s how The LA Times characterized the state of the office space market in January 2017.  They cite figures and trends which show the city to be enjoying the biggest boom in office rentals since the start of the Great Recession.  In short, if you’re looking for small offices in LA to help you get started in a big way, your timing couldn’t be better.  As beneficiaries of this latest boom, we at Titan know a thing or two about using small office space to grow big dreams.

Here are just a few industries and clients who can and have benefited from the type of chic small office spaces we provide.

Small Office Space for Tech Startups

The aforementioned LA Times article specifically cites tech companies as among those most responsible for the recent office space rental boom. In a way, that makes sense. From Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak starting out of their own garage to Mark Zuckerberg’s humble social media beginnings, we tend to have a romantic idea of tech companies starting small before exploding into greatness.  We’ve all seen Silicon Valley explode over the past two decades in terms of tech startups—now, it’s LA’s turn. Tech companies in general and app and social media startups in particular are flocking to LA, with its sunny skies, social media-savvy culture, and huge market share.

Titan Offices offers sleek, chic small office space for tech startups looking to become the next Apple or Facebook at three prime locations across LA. Our flagship 1055 West 7th Street office

Tech startups are also ideal candidates for virtual offices. Need to meet maybe or twice a week for a few hours? Looking to rent conference room space overlooking Downtown LA in which you can hold weekly meetings to discuss social media strategies or app development progress?  Titan’s virtual office packages are perfect for such situations, with everything from call reception services to conference room rentals.

Office Space for Lawyers

Starting your own law practice can come with a variety of costs, not the least of which being renting office space.  Renting office space in LA is a great way to get your practice started in stylish yet still cost-effective fashion.  Our own offices are elegantly-furnished, competitively priced, and professionally managed, leaving you free to give your clients and cases the focus they deserve.

Contact us today about small office space and executive suites for lawyers.

Small Businesses

We like to think of America as a place in which small businesses can not only survive but, indeed, are celebrated.  Of course, that doesn’t mean small businesses want to stay small forever.  If you are looking to expand in the LA area as a small business—or get started with a bang—you’ll want to check out our many affordable office pricing programs.

We at Titan are expanding ourselves, with two new establishments opening at 811 and 3580 Wilshire Blvd. in the coming months.  As such, we know how important small office space which is both affordable yet fashionable and well-furnished can be to a company’s growth and momentum.

At Titan, we’re firm believers that small LA offices can house big dreams, so call today at (213) 232-3800 and schedule a tour today!