Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the tech industry.  It’s hard to imagine that it’s been just over thirty years since computers became widely available.  True pocket-sized cellphones—as opposed to the big hulking bricks available in the 80s—have been around less time than that.  It’s been just over a decade since the iPhone hit shelves.  Smartphones have completely revolutionized the way we interact and do business, with online businesses in general and tech startups in particular exploding onto the scene.  From app developers to social media marketing gurus, online business is now big business, with virtual offices poised to become the next big breakthrough.

Why Virtual Offices Are Catching On

As a highly-successful startup ourselves, we love to share the wealth and help young businesses grow, and there are few ways to do that than breaking into the LA market.  However, affording office space in Los Angeles can be costly.  If your business operates primarily online, or you and your team are on different parts of the state or country, everyday meetings can be impractical.  Nevertheless, a traditional office space is still in the eyes of many, is still seen as one key to being “legitimate” as a business.

From this necessity has come the invention of and ingenuity behind for-rent virtual offices.  They’re more affordable—particularly if you’re looking to only meet for a few hours every week.  They embody the current trend of increased online and virtual presence.  As such, they give you the best of both worlds—the legitimacy and prestige of a “proper” traditional address and conference room as well as the freedom of a more flexible schedule and customizable package attractive to new tech startups and small businesses alike.

How it Works

So, that’s the why—what about the how?  We offer a variety of different virtual office packages.

Titan’s Identity Service allows you to add a traditional office address to your online presence.  You’ll have the benefit of being able to add our prestigious addresses in Wilshire and West 7th St. in LA’s Financial District to your business cards and website.  In addition, you’ll be able to rent out our lavish conference rooms for a set amount of hours each billing cycle.

Titan’s Telephone Answering Service is just that—access to your own phone line here at which clients may call you.  We offer live phone answering services during business hours as well as Voice-to-Email alerts, enabling you to stay in touch and informed wherever you go.

Titan’s Mail Service allows you to have your mail received and rerouted here.  This can be especially helpful for online businesses looking to have business materials shipped to and from a proper corporate location.

Of course, tech startups and general and the online and social media boom in particular has benefited from customizability.  That’s precisely the idea behind Titan’s Hybrid Package—take the best of all of the above and tailor our virtual office services to fit your needs.  This can be especially helpful if you’re looking to secure a few more hours’ worth of conference room time.  If that’s the case, you’ll also want to check out our special offers on virtual offices here.

Necessity being the mother of invention, look to our virtual offices to give birth to your tech innovations and ideas!