When you live and work in Los Angeles, you get used to a few things.  Like stunning purple sunsets, for example.  The glitz and glamour of Oscar gold.  The Purple and Gold of past Lakers glory (post-Kobe blues notwithstanding.)  Living in Los Angeles means access to the hottest restaurants, chicest shops, and newest trends.  In short, it’s safe to say Angelinos are used to the best of the best.  As such, at Titan we’re proud to provide the best office space Los Angeles has to offer.

As we’re spoiled for choice living in one of the great shopping capitals of the world, we Angelinos know the importance of being selective when it comes to purchases.  This is especially important when it comes to finding affordable office space.  For as critical and sought after as it is, all that elite LA status comes with a cost.

That’s one of the factors which help our offices stand apart.  As opposed to the prohibitively-expensive pricing of competitors, we feature some of the most affordable office space LA has to offer at three incredible locations.

Prime Locations

One of the reasons we’re able to provide the best office space in Los Angeles is that Golden Rule of real estate, office leasing, and all business really–location, location, location.  Our soon-to-be-three locations are centrally located throughout Downtown.  Our flagship 1055 West 7th St. location is located in the heart of the Financial District.  With rates starting at just a few hundred dollars per month, it’s some of the most affordable office space Los Angeles has to offer.  It features a finely-finished reception area, fine art on walls, modern decor which is attune to the latest LA interior decorating trends, and a view of those aforementioned purple sunsets which can’t be beat.


Office Space Los Angeles Residents Can Appreciate

Wilshire Blvd. is the beating heard of LA’s business sector.  If you want to generate buzz and have a business presence in LA, Wilshire Blvd.’s the place to do it.  We are thus proud to be opening not one but two incredible new office spaces in the area at 811 and 3580 Wilshire Blvd.  Our 811 location in particular is advantageously located near the metro, and is likewise situated along one of the central traffic hubs in Downtown LA.  We’ve already received an incredible degree of demand for our 811 Wilshire Blvd. location, so be sure to give us a call, schedule a tour, and reserve your place there today!

We are dedicated to helping everyone from small businesses to tech startups make their start in LA.  As a recent startup ourselves–bursting onto the scene in 2014 and expanding this year–we know both how challenging and rewarding success in LA can be.  These, like our flagship 1055 West 7th. st. location, rank among the best budget office spaces Los Angeles has to offer.

Living and working in LA, you deserve only the best, so contact us today and enjoy finely-finished office space with incredible views at unbeatable rates–in short, the best office space Los Angeles has to offer.