With more than 55,000 lawyers operating in Los Angeles today, it’s safe to say that competition for clients is fierce. Every little thing you can do to set yourself apart makes a difference. At Titan Offices, we’re proud to be emerging difference makers in the office space leasing industry. We offer fantastic office space for lawyers in Los Angeles which is professional, elegant, and wel-maintained, ensuring you can focus on your clients instead of constant building upkeep.

Centrally Located

Getting around traffic-heavy LA can be difficult sometimes, to say the least. You therefore want a location which is easy to get to—for both your own sake as well as that of your clients. What’s more, you want a location which is centrally located within the bustling heart of LA’s business and legal hub in the Financial District. A better location can attract better, more upscale clients. We at Titan are proud to provide the best office space for lawyers in Los Angeles looking to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to cost-effective offices. Our office space starts at $599 and we’re always running deals and discounts.

Our new 811 Wilshire Blvd. office, for example, is located directly across from the Metro station, making it easy for yourself or potential clients to get to or from your practice.
Office space for lawyers in Los Angeles which is both this desirable and affordable is a rare combination. We have acquired and renovated these spaces ourselves. See just some of the results below, and contact us today to schedule a tour.

Our Elite Office Space for Lawyers in Los Angeles

When it comes to marketing, appearances aren’t quite everything, but they certainly count for quite a bit. A well-furnished LA office in Downtown is thus a tremendous advantage to have on your side. Having “an LA office” still means something in the legal as well as the business world. Being able to show clients your law practice is headquartered at the top of the ARCO Tower at 1055 West 7th St. or in the heart of Koreatown at our new soon-to-open 3580 Wilshire Blvd. location gives your practice an air of sophistication and—more importantly—success. The gleaming marble, glass, silver, and steel which are part of these locations is certainly more impressive for clients than settling for old, stucco-studded locales in less well-maintained areas of LA. Your clients want to know they have a winner on their side, and that’s you.
To get and properly advocate for those clients, you want and need elite office space for lawyers in Los Angeles—and that’s us.
Contact us today to schedule a tour and see why renting Los Angeles office space with Titan is an open and shut case!