To native Angelinos, affordable Los Angeles office space sounds like a day without smog or stifling traffic–a magical implausibility straight out of Harry Potter. To us here at Titan, it’s simply “challenge accepted.” We offer the best cheap Los Angeles office space by far, and have the beautiful views and glowing Yelp reviews to prove it. Finding affordable office space in Los Angeles can be difficult, to say the least.

While it’s not as absurdly expensive as its Californian compatriot San Francisco or East Coast rival New York, the cost of living and working in LA still ranks high on lists of the Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Work in America. Whether you work in finance, tech, as your own independent law office, or anything else, one thing’s clear–you need LA office space, and you need it at an affordable rate. With rates starting at $599 for offices located in the heart of the Financial District and Koreatown, Titan Offices

Los Angeles Office Space with a View

We are LA. We’re a homegrown business, it’s our city, and we love it. To us, there’s simply no more beautiful view than the LA skyline on a sunlit day or purple-plumed sunset. That’s why we’re proud to offer Los Angeles offices for rent which can boast not just great rates, but immaculate views as well. Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the view you could have with Titan office space rentals today!

We Run Your Office While You Run Your Company

No matter your business, one thing’s for sure–you’d rather spend more time devoted to that than building maintenance. That’s why Titan Offices makes building management and leasing our business, letting you focus on your company. Of course, every law office, tech startup, and business venture has different needs. Be sure to schedule a tour with us to view our offices at 1055 West 7th St. as well as our new Los Angeles office space venues at 811 and 3580 Wilshire Blvd.

Call today at (213) 232-3800 and take advantage of some of the best and most affordable office space in Downtown Los Angeles today!