In a city as trend-tastic as Los Angeles, shared office space in LA is taking off like never before, and with good reason. The economic trends of the past decade have forced those looking for homes and offices alike to rethink the way they rent living and office space. In the same way LA apartments can seem prohibitively expensive (there’s a reason LA’s regularly ranked among the Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in America) so too can office space in LA seem too pricey. Then again, Los Angeles is such a prime market that it’s a shame not to have a base here–and besides, it’s beautiful!

So, what’s the answer to the thousand-dollar riddle of how to afford office space in Los Angeles? Increasingly, companies are turning towards shared office space in LA as a cost-effective alternative. Here are just a few reasons why, and how Titan can help.

Save Money with Shared Office Space

The biggest obstacle for many looking to work in the LA area is cost. Being able to say your business has “an LA office” can be quite prestigious. With that prestige comes a price, however, and in LA office space with other office leasing companies can run you a few thousand dollars easily. Whether you’re a tech startup, a small law practice, or just a small business looking to make it big, Titan can help set you on your way with affordable prices on premium office space in LA. As a hot new LA company ourselves, we’re dedicated to helping other startups and small businesses grow to their full potential.

Our offices start from $599. We offer several different packages for private and shared office space alike. At Titan we believe in budget office space without budgeting your dreams, so call us today to set up a tour and see first-hand which offices and suites work for you.

Traffic-Friendly Locations

According to a recent ABC7 story, Los Angeles is–surprise!–the most congested in the world, beating out New York and Moscow for that dubious title. That’s probably not news to anyone who’s had to fight through rush hour traffic Downtown. It is, however, even more incentive to find shared office space in LA which is likewise traffic-friendly. Our new 811 Wilshire office in particular is centrally located and close to the 7th St. Metro–ideal for clients and employees who commute.

Virtual Offices

With the advent of online businesses, virtual offices are becoming more popular, and are yet another great way to take advantage of affordable office space.  This package is ideal for businesses which just want to rent a lounge area or conference room for a few hours every week or two for meetings.  Our Titan Hybrid package offers the best of the virtual and shared office worlds, granting you conference room hours every week, receptionist and mail services, and much more.

Contact us today and see why shared office space is a great way to make your LA business experience a lot more affordable and productive.