Living and working in LA can be an dream.  That said, if you don’t have a proper office, or it isn’t well-maintained, or have to slog through three hours of traffic just to get there, that dream can quickly become an absolute nightmare–and a costly, time-consuming one at that.  With that in mind, Titan Offices endeavors to offer clients first-class commercial space for rent in Los Angeles.  Since bursting onto the scene in 2014, Titan has sought to change the commercial office rental game by combining an upscale feel with affordable prices and a customer-first approach which makes for the best office renting experience in LA.  In short, At Titan, it’s our business to help you do business a better way–and the result thus far as been the best office space Los Angeles has to offer.  Call today to schedule your free tour of affordable offices and executive suites with a room, as well as day office and conference room rentals, virtual offices, and more!

Prime Locations

Traffic in LA can be tricky–to say the least.  Rule #1 of commercial real estate is, of course, Location, Location, Location, and that’s especially true with regards to commercial office rentals in LA.  Getting to and fro your office with ease is a big plus, as is being located by the 7th Street Metro Station and other nearby public transit stops and lanes.  Our flagship 1055 West 7th Street location is just off the freeway, making it easily accessible for those looking to drive to work from out of the city.  And for those who prefer to take the Metro–or have clients who do–our new facilities at 811 Wilshire Blvd will be right down the street from the 7th Street Metro Station.

1055 West 7th Street - Titan Offices 811 Wilshire Blvd. - Titan Offices

Classy Interiors

When you step out of the elevator and into the lobby of your newly-rented office space, what do you see?  More importantly, what do you want your clients to see?  First impressions go a long way, and with Titan Offices’ bespoke interiors can go a long way toward establishing your firm’s reputation with clients.  Our offices are newly-constructed and finely finished and furnished.  Our lounge and reception areas boast a mixture of modern design and classic artistic and architectural class.  What’s more, our conference rooms–which are free to rent on their own for a few hours as part of our Titan Hybrid virtual office package–offer some of the best views of the city you’ll find anywhere!

Corner Seating Area - Titan Offices Lobby Shot - Titan Offices Conference Room - Titan Offices Executive Suite - Titan Offices Lounge Area - Titan OfficesOffice Two Desks Window - Titan Offices

The Personal Touch

Of course, for as much as you can dress up an interior, an office’s integrity and that of its personnel can tell you all you need to know about the quality of your tenancy and rental experience.  For as fantastic as our views and centralized location may be, we’re proudest of the personalized touch we bring to office space leasing and management.  We run your business while you run your company!  It is, in fact, our excellent and long-lasting relationships with tenants which have allowed us to rise so quickly since beginning in 2014 and contributes to our continued ability to provide the best commercial space for rent in Los Angeles.  When you call, you’ll be taken through the process by one of our office leasing agents who’ll then  help you every step of the way, from scheduling tours to answering questions to finalizing the deal and–once you move in–helping make your Titan experience a positive one.

Commercial real estate in Los Angeles can be a big boost–so long as you lease your space with the right company.  Call today to schedule a tour and experience the Titan difference firsthand for yourself!